6 Ways to Save Your Family – Beth Owen


When you have young children crawling, walking, or even running around your house, you quickly realize the importance of making your home as childless and accessible to children as possible. So, get rid of all the beautiful paintings you have been seeing for the next few years.

Blinds and Windows

Blind people can kill. Young children can be caught with blind ropes, so be sure to hang them with little fingers and hands. In addition, skin, windows can also cause problems, especially if they are old and old. Older windows can cling, and it is more attractive for younger people to put their hands in small spaces and gaps. If your windows see better days, maybe it’s time to start looking timberwindows-direct.co.uk for beautiful and safe new windows.

Doors and Locks

The little fingers can be tied in strings and gaps in the door, so make sure you put door guards on your doors (as high as you can) to prevent them from closing properly and closing (and locking the fingers in them if they do). Also, do not leave keys on the door that your child can lock. Children are watching intently, and the keys to the door should be turned on, remove this temptation so that they do not lock themselves in any room in your home.


Plugs and electronics can be very dangerous for parents, so make sure you have child protection in all your pockets. Also, make sure that children do not have access to live or exposed wires. Get an electrician to keep your home safe, as electrical shocks can cause electric shocks.


If you have stairs or steps anywhere in your home, you will know what an accident it is. All your little one has to do is get distracted and miss the point, and before you know it, he is falling off a ladder faster than you can imagine. To make the stairs safer, make sure you have safety doors on the top and bottom of the stairs and make sure they are locked regularly. Accidents can happen in a few seconds, so remember to close and lock security doors.

Notes and Cabinets

Make sure that doors and cabinets (especially inside the kitchen) are locked with child protection locks. It is very quick and easy for a child to put everything from knives to glass jars and cups, so get rid of the temptation and waste money and buy child protection locks in drawers and cabinets that you do not want your children to open.

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning products and equipment looks like bright toys, especially for young children, so before you find any harmful cleaning products, make sure you remove them and keep them out of sight. Toddlers and babies can put things in their mouths, in addition to washing pills and cleaning tablets, so keep anything dangerous and harmful out of the reach and easy access to cabinets.

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