5 Ways to Get Rid of Halloween Candy


For kids, Halloween is the best way to be. They only appear at the guest door, dressed as their favorite, and the hand-filled sweets are thrown into a bag that has already exploded with sweets. For parents, it means days of fighting to keep their children from losing weight in a sugary diet.

Older parents will tell you your best bet on dealing with Halloween sweets and let your kids choose their favorite pieces and give them everything else. To make the ad a little more effective (and reduce frustration) try one of the surest ways to get kids to release their Halloween candy without a fight:

1. Buy!
Tell your child to “sell” his or her Halloween candy in exchange for what he or she wants. If you want, call it an ad. You could offer a new toy or a special activity in exchange for a candy bag.

2. Give it.
Sell ​​it to your child as a means of helping others while you are having a good time. You can pack sweets and park them around a bit around town, giving them to those who can use them well. Good donation facilities include accommodation, a local Ronald McDonald’s home, a nursing home, and food. There are also organizations that ship candy from US military baskets far from home.

3. Become a Mad Scientist.
If you haven’t stumbled on a really good page, Candy Testing, Pre-Halloween is the best time to watch. It is packed with simple scientific experiments that you can do with sweets in your kitchen. Check the link and adjust it a bit to make sure your kitchen and pantry are closed and filled to make it a fun science lab. You will quickly turn the sugar cane into a remote memory and have a good time doing it.

4. Be cautious.
What’s as good as eating sweets? Play with it! Here’s a great way of turning a candy bar into a candy bar.

5. Make Halloween salt
Sounds like a contradiction – giving it another flavor, but it’s a great way to treat sweets without losing candy. Little kids may not realize that it doesn’t take all their sweets to make a delicious Halloween dessert, and older kids can enjoy making and eating to reflect on the price they paid. Introduce a fun tradition of making Halloween salt the day after cheating — or — treat them. Here’s a simple one, sweet bark of satisfying salt made of sweets, pretzels and a little dried fruit.

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