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Well, we’re here again at the end of another year. 2021, for many, was a difficult year. The second year in the Covid epidemic created some setbacks for many life events. And yet, there have been new and exciting opportunities, successes, and many moments of joy! No matter what mixing you are experiencing this year, one thing is certain: At Reproductive Confidence, we share information information about pregnancy and childbirth. Thank you, dear readers, for continuing to turn to Lamaze for resources, articles, and information on safe and healthy births.

As always, we have created lists that summarize the blog year in a review. Which post do you like best? Want to see more or less? Tell us in the comments! Do you want to be a blogger? Email terreri@lamaze.org for more information.

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Some Questions Answered

The top 10 records seen in 2021

# 10

Do What Can Be Disturbed During Pregnancy

With the help of MotherToBaby, we provide a list of drugs that are considered safe to drink during pregnancy.

# 9

How Doula Supports Your Birth Surgery

When hiring, it is important to discuss the details of doula care on the various types of work and birth can take, including part c. Learn how a doula can still be a very helpful person after surgery.

# 8

Reducing Stress at Work Eliminates Pain

Learn how to identify when you are struggling with work and release the stress to reduce all the pain and anxiety you feel.

# 7

Keeping Your Baby Safe & Cooling From Extreme Heat

Learn the basics of how to keep your baby cool and how to detect symptoms of extreme heat.

# 6

Make sure Moving is part of Your Task

Studies show that free delivery during childbirth provides pain relief, reduces the need for pain medication, can make delivery / birth easier / faster, as well as increase your ability to work, and complete satisfaction. Learn how to integrate workflows into a career.

# 5

COVID-19 Vaccine Protection for Pregnant and Breastfeeding

The article was published about a year ago and discusses the first findings of the safety of Covid-19 vaccine for pregnant and nursing women. The vaccine is still highly recommended and has been shown to be safe for pregnant and breastfeeding people.

# 4

Endometriosis, Childbirth, and Pregnancy

If you have endometriosis, it is impossible to describe what you would experience if you tried to get pregnant and during your pregnancy. The more informed you are, the better prepared you will be to go through this phase of life.

# 3

When You Work You Must Go To The Hospital

Knowing when to go to the hospital for delivery so that you do not arrive too early and that you are not late is difficult to know. And while the answer is not perfect science, there are some other suggestions.

# 2

When Is the Best Time to Study for the Birth Classroom?

For a regular delivery class, take it around your month for the information to be new, but not too close if your baby comes early. If you are taking a real delivery class, the exact time may be different.

# 1

Things to Do When You Start a First Job

Often, the first task becomes a game of thought and emotion. It is easy to become impatient and frustrated. The ideas on this page will help you to start with other ways to deal with the first phase of the project.

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